Proyectos 2016-II

Sistema de Control de CO2 en Ambientes Cerrados

In working conditions, the aspect related to air quality in offices and general services is of vital importance. the continued expositions to CO2 produce physical and mental health effects in workers, causing greater stress and thus a decrease in laboral performance. For this rason we made this control system of CO2 optimized with help of cloud processing, in this case Ubidots server. Basically Ubidots will receive the amount of CO2 concentration , which will send back an order to turn on the leds according level of concentration, and in its maximum point it will request to turn on a fan.

Sensor de lluvia para control climático

This project involves the installation of a rain monitoring system. The system consists of a rain sensor, a beaglebone card and the ubidots platform. The data thrown by the sensor are loaded and monitored from the cloud in real time, making the system an Internet application of things. The system allows physically visualizing three categories of rainfall intensity by turning on an LED for each level. The system has several applications, mostly focused on intelligent cities.

Sensor de Temperatura y Humedad para uso industrial

The Internet of Things (IoT), allows improving the quality of life of people, either by simplifying their activities or by alerting them to possible threats that affect life. By means of the temperature and humidity sensor there is an advance warning so that the user can carry out his activities according to the obtained data, One of the possible uses is for the cultivation and the production of foods in a certain place. By means of the Beaglebone card, the DHT11 sensor and the Ubidots platform, the values will be acquired so that the end user can implement the device in the desired area.

Sensor de Movimiento

Is important to know the control of people in certain areas that need to keep the information of the number of people that access on that locations. In addition to this that all this data can be obtained in real time, knowing data of people and others. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) we can develop ideas to apply in the area of security and control in spaces that requires. In this project we use a sensor PIR SR501 and a Beaglebone hardware to program and create the script. We develop this project for create a beginning of new ideas in the IoT technology.

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